Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bird is the Word

One of the things that infuriates me (one? just one?) is seeing amazing talents fail time and again to net a prize for their innovation, skill, and overall awesome offerings. Among the most clinically neglected is a guy who goes by the name of AgainstBound. You've likely seen his art 'round these parts a number of times, but we haven't really had a chance to talk him up for a sale. Thank God for Goodjoe.

Goodjoe's tagline is "Inspires Change". I have no clue how much change they're really inspiring, but they do donate a certain amount per sale to charities, and more importantly, they've changed the general availability of Againstbound prints, which is good enough change for me. The piece, Fading Beauty, has some recurring elements of his work... geometric elements as a backdrop, lots of melting, birds... but it remains clean and peaceful even with the dramatic and somewhat jarring elements. I love the imperfection in the artist's work, yet how the whole piece comes together organically and naturally. I feel that many designers spend too much on perfection without putting ANY time into passion and meaning. To me, this is totally different stylistically, while still being comforting and familiar, and the message (save nature before it disappears... melts away, if you will) is subtle if you're not looking for it, but clear if you are.

Goodjoe does a week long pre-sale for all their new shirts... you can snag this for $10 any time before Sunday. I'm personally a huge fan of how this looks on Seafoam, and a little disappointed there is no comparable male option... I'm thinking Frost Blue might be your best bet. But really, I think this'll look great on any of the suggested colors, so buy with confidence. As a heads up, though, Goodjoe will sometimes offer more diverse colors for their pre-sale, and then settle into the most popular (or perhaps artist recommendation) after that week, so if you want to be sure of having a chance at more flexible color choices, best to pick it up now on the cheap.

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