Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teefury Sneak Peek for July 4th!

We'll be getting to the Contest Watch this evening, but for now, allow me to give you a sneak peek at the Teefury sensation that will be sweeping the nation THIS JULY 4TH! That's Saturday, homey. Check it out.

Behold, "Once Upon a Time," by Sam Schuna. The artist describes it thusly: "Old timey typewriters are awesome, and this shows just a little glimpse of all the stuff that can come out of them with a bit of imagination." Ah, a bit of imagination... so refreshing to see a design pay tribute to that. The design rises up from its typewriter base like smoke... I love the way the linework overlaps and shows through, fitting scads of unique images in a small space... you can hone in and discover every last wonderful piece, or you can let the swirl and cluster of images stand as a whole, which I personally like because it replicates the swarm and spume of the imagination, where a million thoughts seem to rush at each other at once. The colors used to bring the transparent images to life are wise not only for being appealing, but for being distinct enough that every last detail is still totally noticeable. The typewriter anchors the piece at the bottom in a much heavier, almost woodcut style that contrasts with the elegant but simpler linework above. I like how it delineates the mechanical from the imaginative, and the tool from the creation. For people who have been yearning for a good, creative tee, this is almost a must-buy, and quite honestly an excellent gift idea for any true creative mind or appreciater of creativity.

It's really a welcome respite from a TeeFury which has, of late, seemed to be an outlet for media marketing above a purveyor of amazing daily shirts, and it shows just what sort of quality the site is capable of: when TF is at it's best, no other daily site can really touch them on designs. So mark your calendars: this will only be up for sale on the 4th, for 24 hours, and you're not going to want to miss it. Who knows... a purchase could send a message. A message that a design doesn't need to ride the pop-culture train to sell well. And a message that we need more curations from Sonmi and MJ. Pretty please? I can't imagine I'm the only one who misses the old "two and two and two" schedule.

I shall leave you with the final mockup, featured below.

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