Monday, July 20, 2009


As some of you may have already noticed, Teextile is holding a reprint week of some of their older designs, before they started their current week-long sales structure. It's a great idea for the site: it allows their newer fans to get the shirts they featured when they had fewer followers, and it allows the designers to benefit from a week of extra profits, instead of the single day they had originally. We here at Singularitee are most excited about this because it gives you all an extra chance to snatch up Recycled Wax's "I Want to Dance, Too", a Contest Watch favorite from way back. It'll be available to pick up all week, but Tuesday (that's today, dig?) will be your chance to get it cheaper. It came out great the first time around, so don't miss it the second time.
After Tuesday? Grab it here.

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