Monday, July 20, 2009

Design Blowout! Hoorah!

So Design By Humans is having this huge sale this week. So? So there are shirts as low as $5. That's 75-80% off, homey. The cheap ones are going preeetty quick, so definitely check the stocks ASAP. And hey, with code TJD4K0 (that's a zero in there) you can get another 10% off. Sweet deals. Check 'em out.

What makes this sale extra special, though, is that it is the FIRST DBH sale to discount their newest shirts, printed on their "Perfect Tee" blanks. Compared to the $5 shirts, their discounts might seem paltry, but I cannot say enough nice things about the feel and cut of the new shirts. I'm not huge on the bottom-back-of-shirt brand-tagging, but I -am- sheerly in love with how my body feels in the tee. I don't care if that's an overshare... you need to check out the DBH Perfect, and a sale is the time to do it. You wear it. You understand.

If you need a recommendation (not that you should... there's a whole half a year of Perfects to browse and lust after), I'm oddly drawn to the recent "Technographic". It's not a surprise, color-wise, but is a bit shocking stylistically... it's a big ol' cluster of craziness, done in an oversmooth vector style, which isn't really my bag. Still, when it debuted, I couldn't take my eyes off it. There is SO much to see and to drink in visually that I feel like it would be worth buying just to be able to appreciate it up close... the smoothness comes off as polish here instead of design-by-numbers, due to the mechanical mood given overall, and the lines and cogs and bits and bobs combine in almost alien ways. The hands reaching out are unavoidable visually... they're not a little unsettling, bright red and smothered by technology as they are, but they are arresting for it. It won't be for everyone, but it's definitely a tee worth checking out. And don't forget, any classic DBHer reprinted this year is also now on the Perfects, so if nothing new is appealing to you, maybe there's something old you've been waiting for back in your size?


Benny said...

I'm not totally convinced that now is the time to snatch up Perfects, but I'm happy to see them on sale at all. I've got several of the older $5 and $10 shirts in my cart that I'm excited to get for so cheap, but it's pretty tough to resist something like Caspian Tiger (1947) at $15.

Jestik said...

Benny -
buy those Perfects! If not now, then when? And if not you, then who??? :b

I put in an order yesterday, for some older T's, but also got a couple Perfect T's of shirts I really like as backup. $15 for great prints on Perfect T's ??? That's the same price as a woot shirt.

Now is the time, Benny :)