Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Foxy Teefury Spoiler (On Sale Friday)

I'm honored to be bringing you yet another Exclusive Teefury Sneak Peek today. Sadly, I don't have a long time available to do any sort of blogging today, so I can't really go too in-depth, but I would like to touch on the piece at least briefly. It's "The Mischievous Mr. Fox," presented by YAWN and curated by Jimiyo. Yeah, I thought this was a Sonmi, too, so don't feel bad. I'm not particularly sold on the gradient here, but the illustration is spot-on foxy. I have to agree with Jimiyo, this is "whimsical and well rendered fox," and it's nice to see some illustration that looks like it's both hand-done and skillfully rendered. I am always a fan of hand-done lettering, even if I'm rarely a fan of text, because it adds huge appeal to an element that is normally robotic and static, using soulless fonts. And let's be honest, the Harry Caray Glasses are enough to make any woodland creature thrice as awesome.

This'll be up for sale at Teefury all day Friday and only Friday, so if it's calling to you, that'll be the time to snag it. Until then, you may lust after the mock-up below.

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Johnny² said...

This'll go great with my lion with glasses from Threadless and my fox with a shotgun from Shirt.woot.

It's like they fused!