Monday, June 1, 2009

Threadless Summer Sale: Summer Blockbuster

If you're the sort who checks my blog before Threadless (and God bless you if you do, because that's epic), you might not realize this yet, but there's this big "sale" thing goin' on. You know how it goes with them: one big blowout sale every season, scads of $5 and $10 shirts, inventory depletion, etc etc. While it's true that I've never seen a Threadless sale end when it claims to, as always I recommend getting the essentials now, even if a second week of deals surfaces. Sometimes, even less popular tees fly off the shelves when they're this deeply discounted.

Sadly, once again, the sale doesn't apply to the fresh meat, meaning that there are many more recent tees that won't be benefiting from the Summer blowout's dropped prices. Of course, it is also worth noting that Threadless dropped some seriously epic threads this week, and when you can get two shirts for under $12 a piece, it leads to already speedy sellers catching the sale wave. While the incredibly high scoring Heartless might be the catch of the week for many, I'm personally more intrigued by TGWA's "That Old Movie Magic," and not just because it's from the second woot-based designer to succeed over at Threadless. The illustration is simply beautifully rendered, and the detail shines... it's the sort of shirt that would immediately catch the eye of any film buff. OK, yeah, but it's still just a film projector on a shirt, right? Well, technically. But when the lights go down, the projector unveils the magic and the intrigue that has lured us to the silver screen over the last century. The shirt does the same... glow ink pays homage to the adventure and romance of the cinema, especially the classics, in a transformation that turns a stunning yet clinical illustration into a creative shirt with an appeal visible to all movie lovers. That subtle interaction, where the shirt creates it's world in the same method that its subject does, is a brilliantly thoughtful touch, and enough to make this my pick of the week in a week of some incredible picks.

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