Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in Season

Your friendly neighborhood blogger was perhaps a bit more excited than he had any right to be when he popped by Uneetee today. Y'see, I saw a t-shirt that I blogged in the first Contest Watch of November. Over nine months ago. And it just printed today. So you can imagine my reaction was a mixture of excitement, total surprise, and sheer confusion at what is going on over at Uneetee if they can take 9 months to print a tee.

The zombie resurrected from the dead is Againstbound's "Heading South for the Winter," which is really as good a zombie as any to resurrect, with the autumn season coming next month. It's a simple little drawing made to fit the full tee... its charm is largely in its simplicity as well as its oddity. I mean, we're still talking a tree on a bicycle, and it's still shedding humanoid leaves. The concept, odd as it might be, along with the style of drawing, sets this apart from the plethora of other tree tees, as it's a genre often relying on photo-filters and sheer lack-of-concept. But to be totally honest, the tee becomes more about a hope inside me than about the tee itself. It's a hope that some of Uneetee's other great subs might find themselves being picked up for printing, even though it has been so long. It doesn't make me like the tee less, but it does imbue it with symbolism that goes deeper than itself. Blah blah blah. Long story short, pick it up now, before the leaves fall and its price rises.

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