Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogged With Awesome

Early early this morning, we gave you a quick announcement that may well end up being "made of awesome. And tonight, we take that concept just a little farther, and a lot more literal.

Welcome to "Made With Awesome," a new tee site that eschews that passé "fabric" stuff in favor of swaths of radical. It's the collaborative effort of two Threadlessites: Evan Ferstenfeld, the ubiquitous and omnipresent Threadentity known as Frickinawesome, and Philly designer Roni Lagin, whose Threadmoniker is the very straightforward Phillydesigner. We've seen both of them through our contest watch before: Evan has proven his chops time and again as a brilliant idea man, and Roni has impressed us with his art. So a combo platter sounds all the better.

What do we know for sure about this new shop? Well, it's clear the site name has two angles: the shirts are awesome, but also, Roni has "Made" a number of tees "with (frickin)awesome." The majority of the launch follows that pattern: Evan flexes his sloganeering muscles, and Roni illustrates them into graphic tee bliss. Even a non-slogan dude like me can appreciate that these will be a step above the average text-tee, but what I'm really looking forward to is the inevitable "design depository".

See, Mr. Awesome has done scads of collaborations with scads of Threadless alumni, and many of them are pretty epic, so while the slogans are the bread-and-butter, so to speak, I'm really interested in what former inspirations come to print. Two such collabs are in the launch packet, my favorite of which being "King of the Jungle Gym." With art by Cheok Siew Yen, the piece is whimsical, sunny, and even a little ominous... sure, there's all those charmingly active animals throughout the piece, making it appeal to the kid in us... there's plenty of fun detail to get lost in... but there's also that hidden lion, lost behind all the action, but still a bit foreboding. There's no reason to believe there's going to be any havoc caused, as this king seems to be a protective and stoic leader, but it IS a lion. Those things are vicious. Just ask Mufasa.

With two veterans of the tee circuit starting the business up, we're personally thinking this week-old brainchild will have legs. If you have legs too, and need something to cover up the torso they're supporting (or even if you don't... we love readers of all leggedness), definitely consider keeping them on the radar. Need a little convincing? We've got a coupon code, too! Save $1 off your order with code "SINGULARITEE". That won't expire, so keep it in mind... every buck counts!

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