Monday, August 3, 2009

Threadless Goes Back to School

We're perhaps a bit early for Threadless' normal "back to school" sale, by around a month, but nevertheless the site is bringing it to us for the next two weeks, until the 17th. Shirts are starting at $8, so it's definitely worth checking out, especially if you're rocking an unpopular shirt size. And as always, it's best to snag these things early... you never do know how fast something will sell out, especially if it's new to the sale racks.

One of the most exciting things about this sale is that, unlike many recent ones, Threadless has discounted EVERYTHING in the catalog. Which means you can even get brand new tees for a discount, like Ivejustquitsmoking's "Hoot! Night Owl!" It's really one of my favorite new shirts, surprising when I'm neither a huge coffee drinker nor a big fan of photo-collage work. Still, this is just so spot-on and creative. Besides the fact that many people find it hardest to "quit smoking" when they're having coffee, there are a number of other great connections of content... the cups with the beans, bringing the coffee pretty much from beginning to end of its brewing journey... but also and more importantly the idea that a nocturnal creature like an owl might need that extra kick of energy like we humans do, and juxtaposing that image with our own alertness salvation. The colors and shape work brilliantly and super-attractively together. And really, I'm simply impressed with the textures and shape. I don't know how the designer put this together... whether he created the image from a bag of coffee beans and some of his own cups, and photographed the end result, or if he built the whole piece from bean photos and some stock cups, but whatever the case, the end result looks authentic and you can tell that there was a lot of time spent executing this so perfectly, along with the great concept to go with it. It leads to a photo-real piece that used the technique without looking like a gimmick. To me, this one is a must buy. So must-buy it before it sells out.

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