Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shameless and Awesome DBH10K Promotion!

If we're being honest, we here at Singularitee don't have an official horse for the DBH10K... our favorite was a long shot for even the top-10, and our other favorite, barring a fluke or voting discrepancies, was narrowly squeaked out in 6th. But we do feel that two of them have some amazing work, and would be happy with either placing.

One of these two has made our promotional choice easy: we may not have a horse, but we certainly can have a cow. Or a buffalo, in this case. CSJ89 is making a last-minute push, and we're happy to oblige. The following is taken from his site:

Please vote for CSJ89's Mecha-Labaw!

Our good friend Christian San Jose recently joined the DBH 10K contest at Design By Humans, where the winning design will receive a whopping $10,000 cash prize! Let's help him out by registering and voting for his illustration!

What's in it for us, you ask? Get a chance to win 5 Design By Humans shirts when you re-post this to your personal site, blog, or social networking sites. Just e-mail contact[at]csj89.com your post link with “MECHALABAW” as the subject, and you’re automatically eligible.

So what are you waiting for? Let's vote and spread the word!

We're not going to pretend that the kickback for promoting this bad boy has gone unnoticed by us, but it's hardly the only motivation. For starters, it is a pretty awesome design, with a stoic look and easily the best linework of the final four. It's big and bold and everything DBH loves to be, and made a name as being. And while I don't know for sure, I feel as though it's an underdog piece. Getting it to the top would be a total upset. The most convincing motivation, however, comes from his twitter account:


But back to that kickback: I take pride in not promoting anything I don't feel will benefit you guys. Normally, that benefit is finding an awesome shirt, and this certainly is a solid one. And, of course, it -will- print, no matter where it places, so if you love it it's only a matter of days. But I want to offer something more... in the event I win this little contest of his, I will be giving away three of those five DBH tees. It's a great opportunity for me to promote a deserving shirt up for a huge prize, and getting to offer you guys something special for being a reader makes it something I can't pass up.

All you have to do is tell me what ridiculous animal you'd buy with 10 grand, and why. I'll pick my two favorites and one random draw to win a DBH tee of their choice. Remember, a cat is not a ridiculous animal. Don't be a jerk and take the easy way out, jerk. In the event that I -don't- win, however, I will still be awarding some sort of consolation prize to my favorite entry. Just post in the comments below to enter. Oh, and don't forget to go vote for the shirt itself. That's kinda the point. Votes close Monday, so be sure to get yours in this weekend. I have no idea when the sub-contest ends, so get your comments in ASAP. And Christian, if you do win, I expect photos of you with your buffalo.


Jaden Kale said...

If I had 10k, my ridiculous animal I'd buy would be an echidna. I was about to say I'd have it shipped here, but hell, with 10k, I'd go to Tasmania to get it my own damn self. Why not get a trip out of it, right?

Besides, echidnas are the new platypuses: They look like porcupines/hedgehogs, have tongues like anteaters, have pouches for their young like kangaroos and yet it lays eggs like platys.

HA! And you thought it would be one of a billion sea animals I'd likely find a way to buy (which I totally would do anyway)!!

Jestik said...

If I won 10K, I would buy a rhinoceros.

Although it's not rediculous, per se, it reminds me of a ridiculous showdown between two coworkers.

One day just before our staff meeting, a particularly rotund female was in my friend's seat. He told her she was sitting in "his spot". She said she wasn't going to move. They playfully argued back and forth, and he finally took it upon himself to try and pick her up *with the chair*, and move them so he could have "his spot".

He is a slight fellow, and when he bent over and tried to hoist the large lady and the chair she was sitting in, his legs trembled and shook, and he looked like a dog trying to shit a razor blade.

I commented to him later that the whole scene was hysterical and surreal, and he "looked like a mouse trying to move a rhino".

I would buy both a rhino and a mouse, and give them to him as a present.

Ramy said...

If I had 10k to specifically buy an animal...hmmm...what does 10k buy in animals these days. I think maybe a yak? Because then you could
have yak yarn and yak milk and yak butter and yak cheese. Yep, definitely a yak to sustain me through these hard times.

goldenthorn said...

I'd buy a colony of these guys and take over the WOOOOOORLD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-NV-FpEf0M

Adder said...


Though it was also incredibly inefficient. If I was a beetle going against one of those things, I'd like my chances of not getting gooped.

Nathan said...

I would buy $10,000 worth of piranhas for my moat.

darels said...

I would definitely get a zebra. Not very ridiculous until without the clause that that will be my only form of transport for as long as I live. I would soon be considered a zebra centaur. But as to why they're so great, you'd get the coolest ride. Imagine encountering a zebra crossing and having to determine who gets the right of way.

And of course, who could ignore the pure power of stripes, and ones that are so bold and striking at that. Not the faded ones you find on tigers, but clearly defined stripes. Stripes that immediately make you look slimmer, assuming some transitive property of the visual effect onto the rider.

Lastly, if you were chased by a lion, just hop on and whistle for more zebras and you'll look like your floating in the middle of monochromatic sea. Sweet.

goldenthorn said...

@Adder: Well, obviously I'd invest the rest of my $10k into supersecret monster gene therapy and make them as big as cars, as fast as cheetahs, and their skin would be some sort of adamantium hybrid armour. Each one would be equipped with un-hackable brain-implanted micro-transmitters that would make them do my bidding, my genetic code the only trigger that allows them action. The lead Onychophora would be as big as a house and outfitted with a spiked-golden saddle, upon which I will ride in all my Glorious Golden Glory, leading my army of Spiderman Worms into battle. And I shall name my steed Orlando.
Ensconsed in my Shrike-like Floating Fortress of the Golden Sphere (comes standard with champagne-filled Golden Grotto), all will worship me and I will bathe in the blood of their tortured orgies, and conduct weekly play-hunts in which my Onychophora will chase down, immobilize and eat alive those who have displeased me.
I shall become Ishtar herself, and this world will be but a launching point for my eventual domination of all universes, realities, dimensions, and planes of existence. Dreams will become reality, and all living creatures will scream songs of thanks and despair through a golden haze of ME.
So it has been written, so it shall be done.

Jaden Kale said...

@ Goldenthorn: I don't think 10k would cover all of that ;)

xtinaftw said...

I would have to buy a camel. For one, they are fun to ride. For two, they look absolutely ridiculous and that will please me to no end. For three, and more importantly, I will be able to ask strangers with a serious face, "Could you take a look at this camel toe?" Oh man, that would never get old...

Cody Wayne said...

I'd buy a baleen whale. Ever since I was little, I've wanted baleen instead of teeth. Apparently it would be impractical for me.

AttilaTheMom said...

I would buy a narwhal and teach him to disapprove of everything. And I would name him adder. :P

Jestik said...

the Mecha-Labaw has won!

can't wait to see the water buffalo he will buy :D