Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wear Do We Go Now?

I had no desire to blog today. I had a desire to sit around in the cooler rooms of the house, and try not to succumb to the oppressive humidity. But that was before I started the rounds, and found that, in the midst of climatic oppression, there was something finally freed from being repressed: DCAY's "Sweet Child O' Mine," a Contest Watch favorite from way back.

As a caveat, loyal readers should expect the piece, finally printed at Tilteed, to come in Kelly Green, a shade far closer to the background in our photo above than the tees themselves. And that, really, is a great thing. Kelly's more saturated hue makes the predominantly black illustration pop all the more. It contributes to one of the things that most impressed me when I first wrote this up months ago: the shine on the piece. The carriage, especially the "roof" part, nearly gleams black, like it was just finished with Armor-All. Which is not to discount the skill of illustration here, with the Victorian details of the carriage and the excellent textures of the tentacles. The placement is also key... the low, side placement allows the arms to really reach and writhe across the canvas, making an image that started off pretty creepy all the more jarring.

It's pretty highly recommended you get this in the next three days, before the new tee is announced, for the $12 pre-order price (who doesn't prefer saving money?) but there's no reason you shouldn't snag one anyway even if you do miss it. This should be a good one, and it's a well-deserved, long-awaited win.


Jestik said...

thanks for the heads up on this one! I forget to check Tilteed often, due to it's unconventional time frame of 3 days.

I will definitely be getting this well-deserved print at the discounted price!!!

goldenthorn said...

Blahmcblah had pointed this one out to me, and I promptly voted.
Now that you point out it's printing, I promptly go to preorder!