Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quick Bite

I'm not normally a slogan tee wearer. I tend to think my own wit is strong enough without them, and I tend to worry about the joke-repetition theorem: if you keep seeing a joke on a shirt, it is like repeating a joke, and it gets less funny each time to the point of annoyance. Which is to say, even a great slogan shirt can get tiresome after even one wear. They need to be attractive, not just witty, to truly carry over and be worthy of multiple sportings.

That said, Palmercash has clearly gotten inside my head with their new "Wake Me For Meals". It's the sort of tee I'm tempted to buy just to hang on my door, for any and all housemates in my life to see and be informed by. But it's also quite wearable. So if you tend to sleepwalk, this'll be ideal, too.

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