Monday, March 8, 2010

Corn Artists

Today was a gorgeous day. The sort of day my lazy ass actually went out of my way to walk more. The sort of day I regret bringing a winter coat, even with a chilly morning. The sort of day where one starts thinking about summer. And grilling. And corn.

Ok, so maybe not corn, but Goodjoe is certainly ahead of the curve if you are the sort that loves the sweet stuff. Ansharp's The Corn Family is their shirt of the week, and it's absurdist, intelligent humor with a charming illustration style. It's really a bit unexpected, that so much pun can be pulled out of one veggie and/or grain, but the characters are ones I've long found to be pretty damn amusing. Buy it for Dog, if nothing else, and you'll be happy you did. But get it fast. Not because it's limited, but because it's $10 for its debut week.

1 comment:

Coren said...

Yeah, corn dog definitely made the shirt for me, it got a chuckle after all the rest of them were done