Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sole Plane

Just a brief one on this busy busy week: Today, Hermes, by BadBasilisk, has gone up for sale over at, where else, Tilteed. This piece was originally featured stunning in Gold Foils, but the newer palette is looking sweet, too, casting it almost in a silver. I still love the intricacies of detail, the modernized vision of the god, flying not on winged feet but in a bit of a shoe-plane, yet the retention of a classic, vintage style in the ornamentation of the shoe chosen, something which looks older and more elegant... a shoe of antiquity, to go with a modern Hermes. Definitely a piece worthy of picking up, but as always, this will be a limited time piece. Time, like gods, will fly, and you'll only have until Noon on Saturday the 6th to swoop in and grab this. Don't miss out.

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