Sunday, March 21, 2010

Preaching to the Choir

Today came with a very important revelation, brethren, which I must share with you.

The lord did cometh to me, and he spake "Adder, thou hast curated a tee which doth make me pleased. For Blake B's Outside the Cathedral showeth how one can use but one color to create beauty and depth, ornament and simplicity. This is an artist who doth not ignore my words, to not bury ones talents, but to invest them." And verily, the lord is correct, being the lord and all. I do pretty much love this tee because of the single color starkness, and the contrast between the detail of the cathedral in the background and the amorphous humanoid shape of the spirit outside it. It offers a spiritual conundrum and a haunting presence as an image, but it also is a harmony of opposing aspects.

I'm always a bit worried on pieces like this, though. I've seen Blake's work around for a while now, so I've been Jonesin' for this design all that time, but I also know Blake isn't a huge designer, and so many of you dear readers might be getting your first look now. But that worry is one of my favorite parts of curating at Tilteed. I can't think of many places that would be willing to take the risk of quality vs. quantity. Of course, quantity does help too, but we hope you absolutely love this tee first off. And if you love it enough, hey, it wouldn't hurt if you wanted to tweet it out as well. We want people to see the awesome we're printing.


Jestik said...

this is a great piece of work - just got myself a copy!

keep bringing in the quality, Tilteed is like the anti-woot :)

Jaden Kale said...

More places should be the anti-woot ;)