Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tweet tee, Daddy-O

This post will be about a contest. But first it'll be about a shirt: another Tilteed Limited, to be exact.

The shirt is an igo2cairo joint, but not your standard piece from him. Instead of the dreamy, detailed animals and dragons that come with the territory with the designer, Beaknik is far simpler, more iconic, and just hip. The graphic style is still executed slickly in its simplicity, the colors look amazing together, and the whole thing feels as classic as the mod stylings of Allen Gins-bird here. Wear it under your black turtleneck for a secret burst of sunnyness, or prove you're not some square and be bold in gold. Just be sure to pick it up before it disappears on April 2nd, Noon Pacific.

But you stuck around for contests, didn't you? Greedy bastards. I hope you won't be disappointed, because I've got two for you. So pay attention to the rules. That is how you win things 'round these parts: you follow the rules.

Firstly, let's get you guys suited up with one of these gold beauties. Singularitee is going beatnik itself, and what could be more appropriate than a poetry slam? We'll make it easy on you tho... give us your best haiku, post it in the comment thread below, and win a copy of Beaknik. I'll be picking a winner on Thursday, Midnight Central (that would be between Weds and Thurs, if you're not up on your clocks).

Secondly, though, I've been doing the Tilteed thing for a little while now, and I want to know what you guys think of the curated pieces, and reward y'all for being loyal customers. Send me a photo of yourself sporting your favorite Tilteed Limited design, and you'll be in the running for a free Tilteed tee. That's any catalog tee or currently running Limited. Entries should be emailed to me: 5songsinc (at) gmail (dot) com (put "Tilteed contest" in the subject line), or else tweet a twitpic at me, with the tag #LimitedContest. This contest will be a far longer one, extending until mid-May (I'll post an exact date later), so if you haven't picked up a limited yet, you have at least all April to fall in love with a tee for your personal entry into the contest. Censor bars are accepted if you don't want to show your face, but the tee must be clear.

We've got a little more unrelated contest info in store for you through April, but you'll just have to wait on that. For now, keep checking us out for the return of actual updates, more awesome curations, and all manner of sweet tees.


D.C. said...

A haiku on shirts.
Another thing I suck at.
This is for the birds.

Adder said...

Just for the record
Your haiku does not have to
be about the shirt

Sina said...

In time they’ll notice
The emporror has no clothes,
And I will be dead.

SkekTek said...

Oh my god I saw
Vin Diesel in the back hall
Wearing my shirt y'all

D.C. said...

Does this mean that you,
owner of this here contest
could be the winner.

Adder said...

As the curator
of this tee (and offered prize)
that would not be fair

Adder said...

Oh, and by the way,
Just one entry per person.
I won't count you twice.

Jules said...

My cat Noodles would
Love to wear this shirt, but not
In the people size

Noddin said...

Listen, to my words
Tee shirt, tee shirt, i will wear
Beaknik bird oh yea.

D.C. said...

I agree with you, that one entry per person, is the way to go.

Adder said...

If your name's "Sina"
You've been chosen from my hat.
Please send your info.

That means your address
and your shirt size to Adder
(at) Tilteed (dot) com

D.C. said...

Sina for a cool haiku.
Fun contest Adder.