Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock-it Man

A little late, but I wanted to make sure you all knew all about Mr. Againstbound's stellar new tee "Vinyl Frontier" at Tilteed. You might remember it from our contest watches, but hopefully soon you'll remember it from your closet. It's a great, oddball, simple-colored, wearable piece, perfect to rock out whether indie or harder-edged. It's something we're excited to have in the catalog.

Yeah, catalog. I know it seems a little weird, since the curation thing is by and large all about limited editions, but a lucky opportunity and timing landed it in our full catalog instead of simply limited as we'd originally intended. I personally find anything catalog to be exciting (and I'll tell you more about why next week), but more than that I'm excited that such opportunities as this are coming up. And while it certainly won't apply to most tees we bring in, we do want to be able to bring you awesome designs in myriad ways.

The easiest way for us to do that? If you're an artist interested in our limited run curations, send me an email, as always, to Adder (at) tilteed (dot) com. For the rest of you, we can't bring you awesome designs unless you're checking us out, so check this one out, and while you're at it, pick it up now. Like all pieces, it's $12 for it's featured run, but while this one will stick around later, it won't at this price. Don't miss out! But then, why would you miss out on an Againstbound piece anyway?

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opifan64 said...

wow... love this shirt! i might have to buy even though i have way too many shirts. these are kind of the designs i'm drawn to wearing these days as opposed to punny or pop culture shirts.