Sunday, February 28, 2010


Our current Tilteed Limited is a pretty simple piece with a pretty silly name: When Zombie Snails Attack. It's brought to us by BCHC, who states that this is his first official design not directly linked to the hardcore music scene. We're happy to be bringing it to you.
What I like so much about BCHC's work is how he is able to arrange elements and motifs to create similar but different work. There are themes of shelter (often buildings, though the snail shell itself is certainly its own shelter) as well as nature (the coral/weed/etc framework of this piece, for example, and the snails themselves, again). It creates a peaceful, rustic feel, regardless of the title, and everything arranges beautifully and logically. This is by far one of my favorite renditions of the theme, and we hope you'll love it like we do. Just make sure to love it by March 3rd at Noon Pacific, or there will be no time to get one.

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