Monday, February 15, 2010

Caesium: The Day

Sometimes here at the blog, it's clear when a contest watch tee is destined to print. It's obvious by the comments, the theme, the overall feel of the score's potential. There are indeed also times when I know that even the most flowery blog will not save a design... it won't score well and won't print, and I can only hope my words highlighted it for some other company to fall in love with it and offer it a chance. And then, defying both sides, there is ninthWHEEL.

NinthWHEEL, in any of his many capitalization schemes, has held the dubious distinction of now twice printing against all odds. His Final Approach found a home at Woot after being shopped just about everywhere else (which was ludicrous, as it was a brilliant piece), and now, we can finally celebrate Caesium-137's long-overdue print. Like the other, both tees feature birds of prey, but the more important similarity is how both went through hell and back and any number of modifications before finally becoming a real live print. Unlike some tees, there was no reason for this one NOT to print, even though it was also never sure it would, so after so much rejection, this is like a miracle, and a well deserved one.

Design by Humans does the piece proud... a nice huge graphic with the stoic bird against the modern, angular laser-trail, and on a hunter-green blank that looks like it'll be killer in person. I can't wait to see it. If you're as impatient as I am, don't forget to pick one up. To sweeten the pot, we do still have a DBH coupon code going: 37D0MG (That's with a zero) will get you an additional 10% off your purchase until this Thursday, Feb. 18. It's take long enough to get this shirt to the chests of the world... don't go wasting more of it.

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