Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Want Your Skull

Shirt cliches: Wolves. Tigers. Dragons. CMYK. Recycled slogans. Before all these, however, came the skull. The skull ruled the roost, and the exposure made the skull trite. In the wake of the damage the Ed Hardy empire has done to the once powerful skull empire, we at Tilteed bring you a shirt that strikes back.
Esskayeesee's "Skull Shirts are Lame" is a lovely meta design that takes that phenomenon to task. The skull considers his past coolness, lamenting what has happened to him, both in the overuse of his image and the debauching of it in the hands of the Hardyites. Yet in calling attention to this ruination, the shirt makes skull tees fresh again: the simple palette is smart and pops off the bold mint blank, and the style is playful, not over-serious and overwrought. That really pushes the concept forward, and makes the shirt stand forth as its own message, both of stopping the overuse of the image, and showing how even a tired image can still be made special. But if you think it's special, too, you best get on it ASAP... it's only gonna be around for 72 hours.

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