Monday, February 22, 2010

Personal Space

Threadless has done a very wise thing in showing us, the Contest Watching Public, a new coup this week. "...Well, I'm Just as Confused as You Are," a Biotwist piece made of awesomeness, is among the new selections. It's amusing, well executed, and purple. I presume all of you will be on board for at least one of those reasons.

One thing I like here, besides the strong "WTF" moment of the concept, is how otherwise natural everything would be without the other helmet-man. The diver's shrug is more pronounced, but you can get the feeling of his sinking to the ocean floor while its buoyancy is lifting his limbs, and the astronaut may be pointing, but it seems a natural "I'm floating in freakin' outer space" gesture. They're surprised by the meeting, but otherwise nonchalant about it. It's a great little detail that makes a great little tee greater.

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Julie said...

not to mention how hilarious that diver looks sitting up there on the female model's chest.