Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ride 'em Cowbot

Another longtime, much batted-about design, along the lines of Ninthwheel's Caesium, is a.mar.illo's Troybot. I've seen this make the rounds at about every site there is, always scoring well, always coming up short, so it is with great pride and joy that I get to say it finally has seen print as the latest "Tilteed Limited" tee. This means your time is, well, limited, and being a Lazy McLazy, nearly half that time has expired already (sorry guys), but it also means that if you grab it before Friday, Noon Pacific, you'll get it from probably one of the best sites out there, and that's a bias my loyal readers should know I've had since long before becoming a curator.

a.mar.illo's style is pretty wonderful to begin with, but the glow of the colors here makes it all the more so... It's all about color choice, not gimmicks, that makes this robot gleam, and the details capture the imagination as well. It's a solid shirt for just about any taste, but hey, if you're really into horses, you should consider picking up Mitohapa's excellent (and Contest Watch fave) "Ghost Town Cactus Trio" as well. For the month of February, buying two or more Tilteed tees saves you $4 a pop with code "FEB50," making the combo of awesome horse-some tees all the more appealing.

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