Saturday, February 6, 2010

5tarting Anew

So, this week is the first week of yet another freakin' daily limited tee site. 5quidink is not about 5-quid ink (which I'm actually happy about, since it means avoiding ludicrous exchange rates and shipping times/costs), but it is about water based inks, which is pretty cool, and they change over at 2am, which fills a gap between the major site changeovers. This is pretty exciting for my nerdy self.

I generally believe daily sites are worth checking, well, daily, for better or worse, simply for the limitedness. 5quidink is no exception. Today, however, is a better-day-than-most to check it out, because there's a sweet randyotter design up for sale. Bull in a China Shop is a charming little piece. It hinges largely on knowing the origin of the saying, but also has plenty of personal illustrative charm. It's my first buy with them, which is a big thing for me on a site's first week, and it should maybe be yours too, but remember, as with anywhere like this, it is limited, so get it fast.

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Brandon said...

Wow, thanks for blogging this, yo. Quite the find!