Friday, February 19, 2010

Apres Mains Le Deluge

We're not always entirely happy when we see contest watch pieces go to print. Sometimes the piece has been altered since the original vote period, and sometimes that alteration is for the worse. Sometimes site limitations force a change. So it goes in the fickle world of tees.

So too it went for Fat Pigeon, creator of Like Water Through My Hands. While I give props where due to RIPT for picking a decidedly more feminine piece up at all, I really wish the piece had more of the nuances of color that the original showed, especially the pinks in the flowers. That said, of course, this is not a disaster, because the piece still does what it sets out to do, and does it beautifully. The hands still gleam like porcelain, fragile and pure. The water still cascades fluidly. There is still a sense of peace and calm to the design, and while I personally hope that it'll see print as originally intended in the future, if things go as shown here, the newer rendition could be just as successful. Just remember that, like water through your hands, this design will slip away in 24 hours, as all RIPT designs do, so be sure to bottle it up before you lose your chance.

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