Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snoreassic Park

I'm pretty much stoked to be stating that Tilteed will be printing Dekonstruct's Brontosnorus Saves the World this weekend. The popular past woot derby piece and former Contest Watch favorite will be on sale until Sunday, Noon Pacific, so for all y'all who were crushed when this didn't print at woot, put your money where your mouth is and pick a copy up. It'll totally be worth it: Tilteed's prints are awesome, and so is Dekon's design. The humor of the dino dream and the stark black-on-white make for a piece which is both fun and hip at the same time.

We're big on the idea of this piece doing well, but if you're more interested in printing with us instead of buying with us, feel free to contact me at Adder (at) Tilteed (dot) com. For the rest of you, be sure to keep your head up: Tilteed Limited is indeed a limited time offer, so grab one now so you don't miss it later.

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