Friday, February 19, 2010

Fast and Speedy Wins the Race

Today's Tilteed Limited debut is RACE, by childmirror, a piece I loved a long long time ago, and one I bring to you all now in hopes of showing a few things. First, note the concept. It's a long-standing tradition to take on the tortoise and the hare: some things are so familiar that people latch on to them to sell their work. Yet here, it is solely a reference. It's not about lol turtles are slow, but it's re-imagining that race entirely. The tortoise isn't winning on a technicality... he's spanking a whole slew of rabbits on his own abilities. It's like a revenge match, a continuation... there is more artistic input here than your average rendition. Also, however, note the style. It's appropriate, given the artist's handle, that the design is youthful, playful, cartoony, even, dare I say it, cute. But that cuteness comes forth in an organic way, and an actual way. The rabbits are still intent on their futile prize, fighting along in the surf. There is expression, and there is a simple but definite style at play. All this in a simple one-color piece. There's a lot to like about this design (right down to how the cadre of bunnymen are coming from the side of the tee, making it look like an infinite assault, all still destined to lose), but it really showcases how a concept can have life breathed into it simply by approaching it creatively and artistically.
As always, if you're one who approaches things creatively and artistically, I'd love to hear from you, so drop a line at Adder (at) Tilteed (dot) com if you want to pitch me some designing awesomeness. If you're more about wearing something that takes that approach, however, definitely pick one of these up quick. They'll all swim away Monday, Noon PST, to make way for the next long awaited Tilteed contest print (which even I am excited for, since I have no clue what it is myself. Yay surprises!)

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