Friday, February 12, 2010

Hair Today

When you have 365 designs, you're bound to have a bunch of winners, and when you're Flying Mouse, that's at least doubly true. You should really all be watching the Flying Mouse 365 shop weekly for this reason, but in case you haven't been, this week there's another reason to do so.

You may recall Looking for New Hair Style from our contest watch segment in the long long ago. This week, it comes to life on the t-shirt canvas. The punch line is nice and all... the idea of the hideous Medusa seeking beauty advice to tame the nest of snakes which make up her classic coif, but I'm still loving the style here above all else. Harpies themselves are the stuff of Greek myths, and the illustration echoes a Grecian urn. Keats would buy like 15 of these if he wasn't dead. Obviously you should make up for it. But if you dig how classic one color can look, definitely act fast... when the week's over, this'll be archived and who knows when, or if, it'll ever resurrect.

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Jestik said...

thanks to you, I always check Flying Mouse on Thursday. This week I'm really loving "Opened".

How is the print quality from FM?