Friday, January 9, 2009

Animal Weekend!

Checking Ink-Hound tonight, I decided maybe this weekend should be thematic... thus, I bring you Animal Weekend. Today we bring you birds, normally a less-than-favorite theme of mine. What makes jecrt's Avian Crown different, however, is the use of pattern. This flighty mandala features some repetition, but sticking with the basics helps pull off the cycle-of-life motif that the artist went for. Either way, the style he chose works quite well, with the almost bored adult bird, the inquisitive child, and the eggish eggs in the nest smack dab in the middle. The colors also make this work, sticking with very subdued primaries, which makes for a simple, attractive design. Into every life some bird shirt must fall... you could certainly do much worse than this one.

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