Monday, January 12, 2009

Ten for Threadless

Three for three at Threadless, claiming Update #10... this week they're printing the absolutely gorgeous Seven Swans by Valorandvellum. I didn't talk about this too long ago, making it a far-and-away earlier print than most Threadless winners (especially in contrast to something like the 9 month old "Her Hair," also printed this week). Of course, when you get something as solid and creative and awesome as this, you don't really want to sit on it too long, I'd imagine. The Sufjan Stevens reference could only help, too. My full original writeup is here, but it's worth praising the colors again, from the bright, simulated-process bursts to the muted beige swans popping against the dark brown of the shirt. I fear this'll be a speedy sell-down, but it'll be well deserved.

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