Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tweet deal

Hello. Allow me to introduce you to one of the coolest shirts I've seen in a while. It comes from a place called Random Objects, which is appropriate because it is a random object, and also because it is allegedly shipped with a random object. It's appropriately named Origami Pigeon, and it's exceedingly meta. Admittedly this is why I love it... the origami could have likely made a cool tee on its own, but I really love the superimposed pigeon photo atop it. Even more so, I'm quite digging how the folds are defined nice and thick, turning the origami form into a set of frames for the photo itself. It's an interesting and attractive layout that even makes me forgive the branding at the bottom (appropriately in pigeon-dropping range?)... I just can't begrudge such a thing when the graphic itself appeals to me so much. Definitely something to keep in the consideration bank.

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