Monday, January 5, 2009

Pardon My Double-Posting

A couple hours ago, I lauded the print of Timberland at Threadless. What I failed to notice at the time was that another Contest Watch favorite is now available for pre-order: ...Excuse Me, by blog-favorite Edgar R. McHerly. This one, picked up by Bad As Hell, is a full-on dark humor piece, in contrast to Timberland's artful whimsy. Not to say the art is any less skilled, but the focus is the pop of the white on the character's head, not the details of his body (though the joke itself is still the most subtle part). It took long enough, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm stoked to finally see it available, even if it is one more entry into the tshirt industry's evil plan to force me to buy more khaki. It's also one more entry into the Bad As Hell catalog, which I quite think has more potential than pretty much any site of similar age and size. Now, if they'd consider my second fav. submission (Warholbot's Reincarnation), BAHC would be my best buddy. Until then, they're still an awesome site worth checking out, if only to snag yourself an Edgar (though you really should browse through the rest as well. Solid stuff, I promise).

I'm pretty fired-up about the rapid-fire updates lately... the next one is the big 10th, and I am very excited to find out who it will be, and where. Is it too much to ask for Croc N' Roll tonight, DBH?


atanewtime said...

I love the subtlety of that banana peel! Very amusing shirt

Ava said...

very nice design.thanks a loT!

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