Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give a Hoot pt. 2

Perhaps your love of owls goes even further than all that, though. Maybe one good owl shirt isn't enough for you. This is something I'd anticipated, thankfully. It involves a little shop I've wanted to talk up for quite a while now... welcome to Owl Movement.

Owl Movement has plenty of owls for your owly pleasure. "Oh Really" you ask? Ya, really. There's a whole series of shirts based off owls, as well as owl pillows and stickers. It's enough to make you oscillate your head 180 degrees in any direction! What I really love about OM, though, is their overall feel. The rest of their non-owl shirts tend to be bright and bold and generally happier colours than I am used to feeling. I think that is what does it for me... their palettes and designs often evoke this blissful bright world that is foreign to me.

My personal favorite of their shirts, one I picked up long before this blog started, is Scuba Platypus. Again, it's bright green and cute. I am not a bright green and cute person. I am, however, a platypus person (this sadly makes the third one I've written about in the last month or two, I believe). I'm also a fan of people who can do a lot with only a few colours. The ongoing wallpaper pattern motif really adds a lot to the proceedings, giving the mammal-that-should-not-be a very pop/retro feel. It also helps break up what would otherwise be a rather big chunk of ink. I love the size, though, especially the way the waves are placed up at the top of the shirt, so it almost looks like you're a platypus tank or something. The fish are even welcome, especially the transparent ones across the tail, and the one poking at the top of the water line. It, as much as anything, evokes Owl Movement's apparent carefree and sunny philosophy.

As a side note, OM appears to be having a winter sale. Their news section insists it ended with 2008, but their cart is still taking 15% off all orders. This may be an extremely limited glitch, but I'm sure they won't mind the slight hit to get you into some awesome shirts. It's worth checking on, for sure.

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atanewtime said...

Cool, I had never even heard of Owl Movement before now, but I agree with you; they've got some great stuff. Thanks for the info.