Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vinnie the Moocher

I won't lie, I feel a little dirty about this post... it's not the point of this blog to advertise myself, but today's shirt.woot is nevertheless a concept of my own. Even so, I have to at least take a moment out of my regularly scheduled blog to praise TheInfinityLoop on the rendering job she did on this piece, Vincent's Alternative. It's based in a history where Van Gogh spared the ear to sever the eye, and while he looks a bit like a jaunty pirate in this world, I cannot say enough about the way the designer took Vincent's style and was able to make something iconic and recognizable while totally original. I think it's a piece that deserves to be seen, ethical concerns be damned. And I think that the way Loop did the background, it will end up quite wearable to boot. If you came out as floored as I was when I saw it, you can still grab it today for $10, but if you miss it, I've got a sneaking suspicion it won't last more than a week at $15. Woot will be Woot... don't dawdle.

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