Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Wearin' It!

I had McDonald's last night.

In all honesty, if I'm going to have fast food at all, I'd much rather hit anywhere than McD's. I'm especially partial to tacos (see our header for more), but I'm more likely to grab Wendy's, and even then, it's rare these days that I'll go for a burger over a chicken sandwich. But yesterday I eventually decided to grab one of those wonderful greasetrap cheeseburgers... the ones you WANT to avoid, but you can't resist forever.

So in some small part, I'd like to believe I willed Design By Humans into printing today's shirt: Sonmi's tribute to everything robotic and yet also beefy, BurgBot. While the Robo-Burger may still exist only in the delicious future, the style of the illustration is firmly planted in the past: the retro style, makes it look like some forgotten fast food mascot, which gives it a nostalgic flair without a generic one. The distressed graphic helps the retro notion, as do the stars, which have a classic diner feel about them. It also has a feel like a sci-fi film of the same era, with the dramatic Superman "up-and-away" stance and the ketchup and mustard lasers. It's a totally fun shirt, and one destined to be noticed and appreciated. All that, and far more healthy than the closest alternative! No wonder I've been loving this since it was entered at Threadless. And no wonder it's a former Contest Watch mention.

Don't forget, you can save 10% at DBH with code WG2XAE until May 8th. Consider it a small consolation if you missed their sale over the last few weeks.


jimiyo said...

You are welcome. :D

I've had this up for a while secretly. I need to figure out how to make better spoiler videos to disseminate and market our craps.


BigLa said...

This is one I've been coveting for quite some time. It really is convenient that you do all the legwork for me.