Monday, May 18, 2009

Into the Sun

I score a lot of designs. Pretty much all of them at Threadless. I write about a lot of them, also. So it's rare these days for a shirt to come to print that I haven't seen and voted on. Things being as they are, it always pleases me when a piece I am not as familiar with comes through the pipeline, especially one I'd want to buy.

This week Threadless has given us one such piece: Icarus, by ISABOA. Another in the current $20 oversized-print series, I cannot imagine believing it to not be worth every cent. It's just incredibly striking. The placement is unconventional, in that the focus is to the side but the normal "chest print" area is still printed on, helping bring the eye in. The detail is stunning, with the modern day steampunk aviator taking the place of the protagonist in the classic Greek myth. The color is bold... a huge yellow circle provides the backdrop for the plummeting flyer and ties the image into the shirt. It's a brilliant piece, and it makes me wonder how it didn't catch my eye immediately. I don't expect it to last too long, so place your orders now, folks.

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