Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uneetee Memorial Day Sale

Summer fast approaches, and for many of us, regardless of solstices and equinoxes and what might be official, nothing heralds the sunny season in America quite like Memorial Day weekend. With barbecues, fairs, and all sorts of other outdoor gatherings, the long weekend is a great time to get casual and relish the languid atmosphere of the coming months.

It's also a perfect time to finally pull out the t-shirt reserves from winter storage, and Uneetee knows it. As such, they've got a coupon code out there, in case you need a few new ones: from now until May 31, you can save 15% on all catalog purchases with code SVMD15. While this (quite sadly) doesn't apply to their discounted new tees, nor to their daily "Insanitee" deals, it's a nice incentive to browse the back catalog, especially their oft-ignored hoodie section (hey, might as well stock up now, right?) Head far enough back, and you'll find Budi Satria Kwan's "Stardust," which shows a cowboy trying to wrest the stars from an impressionist sky. The style is of course nothing to sneeze at, while the concept itself has an imaginative whimsy that made it the first tee I truly felt I "needed" at Uneetee. The rope adds a great contrast to the main color scheme, and my eye is inevitably drawn to it. But possibly the big selling point for this was being Forest Green. It's a lovely shade in person, and one I would be happy to see more of on sale.

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