Monday, May 4, 2009

No, Mr. Yarn, I Expect You to Die

As you may notice, there is some very important stuff up at the top of the page. I'd advise you consider taking advantage of the links while they mean something. Especially the Pimpant. WE CAN DO IT!

Outside of that, I'd like to commend Threadless for breaking out of their incredibly yawn-inducing 3.0+ print scheme to print a couple lower scoring pieces this week: the inexplicable "Booty Fruit" and the lovely "Eight Legged Cats Have Cool Names." The latter, as we'll recall, was a former contest watch choice. I originally loved it for its linework and the bold but small contrasts. It looks like exactly that is what we'll be getting... the piece seems to be printed quite subtly, as I'd frankly expected... Octopussy is going to simply look best in well-lighted areas... but the yellow eyes and pink yarn do their job brilliantly, giving a subtle trail for the eye to follow and wrapping around every limb, highlighting the otherwise subtle form. It's not going to be the choice of a bold-print lover, but it definitely feels a worthy print, and makes a strong (and often much-needed) case for how cute can still be artful. I await getting to see just how it looks for everyday wear, and am excited at the potential prospect of seeing the "printable score" go back to around 2.5 and above, where it belongs. Threes are good, but at the end of the day the score simply doesn't change HOW good a piece is.

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