Tuesday, May 12, 2009

News briefs

A few quick topics of interest:

~Design by Humans has begun implementing a "deal-a-day" aspect to their site: new releases will be offered at a discount for their debut day. Today's shirt boasts a $7 discount from its regular $25. It is uncertain exactly how their $20 selections will discount. Still, it's a move that will likely help drive DBH sales dramatically, as well as helping more new shirts make their way to "Rockstar" status. Even better, discount codes will still work on the debuts: our current code, KY8UEA, will give you an extra 10% off all orders until May 23.

~Uneetee is offering a $6 mystery tee for what looks like the rest of the week, but certainly at least for now. While not quite the bargain a woot or teefury random is (Uneetee pretty much states you're unlikely to get more than one design if you order more than one tee), it's still something to appeal to the gambler or bargain hunter. And don't forget, if you're unimpressed with your haul, there's always TeeTrade!

~Threadless has just stopped taking submissions for their "Less is More" mini-contest, and the early approvals are proving the saying true. Head over and score them, now and throughout the week, and while you're there, check out Mel Kadel's select, "Mouse Hole," my pick for best new tee of the week.


Adder said...

Also, seriously, Coq Music. Not even joking.

Jaden Kale said...

ROFL nice way to still get in Coq Music.