Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Series of Fortunate Events

It has been a while since I last talked about Teextile. I guess technically, after the long weekend, it's been a while since I discussed anything, but Teextile has borne a definite lack of mention since my favorable tee review about a month ago (pro-tip: my second teex-tee, while not as wonderfully soft in its print as I Want To Dance, was still wonderfully done). But this week is different. Because this week is probably the best series they've put out since opening.
The highlight is BlakeB's monotone masterpiece Amongst the Trees, which is on sale now but will be featured Thursday for $12. The grammar nerd in me cannot help but remember a former English teacher going on a diatribe about the word "amongst," how it was an archaic form that died and never needed to be brought back by Mike Myers... but the title is never more important than the tee itself, and the tee itself is wonderful. I love the individual and differing patterns on the bevy of trees in the piece, which keeps the art from fully blurring into itself, but still creates a camouflage for the huge hominid making his way through them. While the piece could easily have made its way a bit higher up the chest, I still like how it climbs up from the bottom and leaves an ample skyline along the chest. Finally, there is a certain everyman charm to the execution... it is skillful, but imperfect, making it something anyone can relate to artistically. More than anything, though, it's conceptual, both with the sheer joy of pattern as well as the fantasy that the reason we don't see more bigfoot-esque critters is because they simply hide too well.

There are two other pieces worthy of note, of course, as well... first being Smoking's long awaited Whale of a Bath Time, a sub that revels in watercolors. It's today's feature, for the next few hours, and one that has been well scored and revised at Threadless a number of times to much excitement and no eventual print. Fans should remember to pick one up this week while they can. But then, there's also robbielee's Trash, which has also made its way around the contest circuits over the last year. It's a fun take on recycling that makes you feel a bit guilty for your cast-out landfill fodder. Prime stuff for the environmental minded, or just fans of a good humor tee. It'll be featured Friday, but as all Teextile shirts, it'll be up all week. With a piece from the popular Olechka and an actually intriguing DBH-style print from argie rounding out the week, it's easy to see what would keep someone like me excited about this series. And no, it's not just my as-late blind devotion to white blanks. I have more depth to me than that!

If you plan on purchasing, btw, feel free to let them know AdderXYU sent ya'... it's always appreciated.

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