Friday, May 29, 2009

SuperSecret Teefury Preview (ON SALE SUNDAY!!!)

While I feel obligated to remind you that you can and should pick up Trash by RobbieLee at Teextile today for $12, I have much bigger news.

See, I was leaked an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's TeeFury, and I would be remiss if I did not share it with you. It's a HUGELY exciting one for me, to be honest, so I've been absolutely bubbling trying to keep it in, but I can finally tell you: THIS SUNDAY, MAY 31st, TeeFury is printing Apparition of the Grouchy God, by Aphte. And it will be glorious.

Apparition looks a little different from how we last saw it, long long ago in one of our earliest Contest Watch segments (shame they couldn't have printed it right to the seam like they did for Pseudo's Daughter), but there's still so much to love: the many-eyed god is still there, the whimsical town is still 100% charming, and the vomiting is still the most awesome vomit ever. The color scheme is still bold, with the blue and pink against the silver blank, and still makes the piece look like a candy-or-fondant-world. Which I'm all for. And there's still plenty to see here... great detail and plenty of eye candy upon repeat views. Aphte says his inspiration was largely this: "Let's do something quite complex, but there should be also a huge monster or something like that." And really, who can argue with that logic?

If you think this tee is as awesome as I do (and ye gods, it is pretty damn awesome), you've got a little bit of time to make sure you'll be around long enough to order one of these fine specimens on Sunday. Just remember, with TeeFury, you get 24 hours. A full 24 hours, but ONLY 24 hours. Be sure to plan accordingly, because this shirt is too good to miss, and if you miss it, you miss it fo' sho'. I'll be sure to remind you on Sunday. Loudly.

The expected mock-up is below... I'm leaving both images as-is, so you can get the full-size experience. Past that, I'll leave you with some further wisdom from Aphte:

While drawing this, I was thinking of a little story to be associated with it. The big monster would become the God of a big city, and he was kind of pissed off by all these creatures praying for him so he attacked the city without another real reason. Because this God's got an IQ of 27. Well. Something like that, I guess.


EdwardBlake said...

That does look awesome. Might be the first teefury that I'll pick up in a long while.

robbielee said...

Thanks for the heads-up. It's like edgarmcherly and Katamari Damacy had a baby and it's brilliant. I'll be in for one fish-o. (Thanks also for the plug for my Trash design!)

Omnitarian said...

Whooa! This reminds me a TON of Takahashi Murakami (good article on him: http://www.nyartbeat.com/nyablog/2008/05/%C2%AEmurakami-a-brand-lands-in-brooklyn/), who is an artist I really aspire to.

I'm not sure about the grey blank, but art like this is too good to pass up.