Monday, December 7, 2009

Tee-Cember: Crazy $9 Threadless Madness (Again)[And Sale pt. 3)

Note: since our original post, Threadless has shifted to a great bulk deal... any order over $50 has an extra percentage off (up to 20% for orders over $100), so if you've got any bulk orders that you've been waffling on, now would be a great time.

I shouldn't have to say this more than once, so here goes:


There. I'm sure you've got the point, right? So until 11AM, EST, tomorrow, Threadless will be selling all its shirts for $9. Sort of like on Black Friday, only it's, er, White Monday? At least it looks like that from my window. So whether they're trying to rake in as little profit per shirt as possible to prove that business is about quality of product, not necessarily how much money you make, or just trying to make sure all the shirts I want sell out, if you missed them last time, or need more, now is the time.

The best part about sales like this is that ALL tees are $9, even new ones, and this week (not to mention last one) there are some mega scorers printing, such as the charming Why Is An Owl Smart by ilovedoodle. It's a very tasteful graphic with an adorable character and an appealing concept (not to mention some excellent use of negative space). The whole catalog is, of course, worth perusing, but it is certainly an excellent place to start for so cheap.

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