Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tee-Cember: O Christmas Tee (pt. 2?)

If you've been looking for the perfect tee for the Christmas season, but don't want to be smacked over the head with the equivalent of your grandmother's Santa Kittens sweater, we feel today is your lucky day. Courtesy of shirt.woot, of all places, and the derby, for even more pure shock, comes the story of one true love, 78 gifts, and two weeks that changed Christmas forever. "Aww, And I Didn't Get You Anything," by friend-of-the-blog theinfinityloop, is far and away one of the most labor intensive pieces to win woot's weekly contest, and among the most on-topic as well. Every little character is worth seeing closer. Each item is hand-drawn with its own nuances. The piece is composed brilliantly, really... the colors have just enough holiday flair without pummeling you with eggnog and good cheer, and the overall piece winds up the tee creating an excellent flow, and allowing all this action to go on without being cluttered. That's some great action, too, because it takes a literal representation of the song itself and elevates it to a lovely final product, and helps what I've always found to be a very repetitive song translate into an epic holiday shirt worth far more than any geese a-laying. Geese are jerks. This tee is a Christmas miracle.

Given that it's woot, of course, we shouldn't expect a similar miracle for it's lifespan. We've yet to recommend a woot tee that hasn't died on its first reckoning, so you should really pick up your copy before December 14, not only to make sure you don't miss it, but to make sure you get it in for the holiday. It's still on "pre-sale" at $10, but if it sells out before midnight central, you can still pick it up for $15 from the links provided here. We feel you might regret it next year if you let it pass you by.

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