Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tee-Cember: Make That Three

It's a busy Tee-Cember... busy enough for me to regret the tacky name, as I'm sure radio stations regret having to call the 10th month "Rocktober". Why, just last night, I wrote up two freaking designs, and then Tilteed goes and forces me to chat up another? Obviously people don't understand the necessity of alliteration and assonance... it's Two-for-Tuesday, not Three-for-Throosday. That just doesn't work! At LEAST wait til Thursday!

Breaking my not-that-clever stride is Contest Watch alum Deep Blue Destroyer, by Omnitarian. Normally, the charm of the designer's work is largely character based, as it is for so many quality cartoonists, but here he shows a very deft usage of color. The sharks are a bit more smirking than threatening, and their armored ships border on Seussian, but the colors are shadowy and dim, making the piece visible, yet subtle, as if we're viewing things in the murky light of the deep waters these dangerous critters would live in. It levels out the cartoony elements, wonderful in style as they are, and makes it more mature as well as properly ominous. Yet another great one from Tilteed.

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