Friday, December 4, 2009

Tee-Cember: Little Bot of Horrors

We've had enough to note this week that we have not until now had time to note the current Uneetee holiday sale, presumably ending Monday but possibly ending later. We'll know for sure about the final date when the week changes over, but what is certain is that for the rest of the weekend, at least, Uneetee's entire catalog is as low as $10 a tee. I'm thinking most of them will probably be a little more expensive... for example, our pick-of-the-sale, The Robotanist, is $14. Still, it's a great deal for this piece... the subtle, moody palette makes this far and away one of my favorite shirts on Uneetee, as does the wrapping motion of the killer plants. I like the old worker robot, in his rust-tones, fighting through the field of doom, presumably feeding them in lieu of Seymour. It takes the robot meme and gives it a dash of artistry while still remaining a graphic that anyone could feel comfortable sporting. If this isn't for you, of course, you might be wrong, but there's a whole catalog of sales over at Uneetee, and even if you are picking this one up, there's no harm in grabbing a second to save on shipping. Totally worth checking out.

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