Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tee-Cember: Royal Beauty Bright

I've always loved Christmas, but I've loved it for secular reasons. Sure, I was brought up understanding the true meaning of it, but the real rewards were anything but. It wasn't all Santa and gifts either, though (though certainly, those were awesome elements). It was the smell of the tree and the baking, the coziness of a warm house, or a warm coat out in the snow. It was the snow itself, the fun to be had and the pure beauty of its gleaming whiteness, and the scent of crisp air and distant chimneys. The family traditions that you looked forward to all year, and now the ones we've made with friends. You can dive into the Jesus and Santa war all you like, it's impossible to not appreciate those simple things that make Christmas special in the now, because they're elements that extend to all holiday gatherings. There's really no other time of year that seems to touch as many people for both spiritual and secular reasons.

That all said, we know that certainly for many of you, the religious side of the season is certainly a big deal, so I can think of no better time to bring Red Is White to you. They've been around for a bit, bringing faith-based tees to the world at large. The best part, though, is that RiW doesn't take a preachy road, but finds praise in designs which are imminently wearable for people of all faiths, or no faith. Consider JulianGlander's "What I Need," among my favorites in the catalog. It's a what-if that recalls the old "money doesn't grow on trees" admonishment. Even with an orchard full of diamonds, the tee suggests that it is what God provides which we need most, and no amount of greed can replace it. The message carries, though, to anyone who appreciates the simple things more than the flashy, ephemeral glitz of modern life. Seriously, the only apple I want is the tree sort... an iPhone feels ineffably like overkill. It even can take an environmental slant... what's most vital is the natural, the life force that sustains us and needs sustaining. That's the sort of thing Red is White does best: putting out shirts that don't sacrifice art for a heavy-handed, specific message, but can be appreciated on a spiritual level as well. If you're among the many who are always looking to express their faith, you may have found your new favorite bookmark, but especially with a $12 sale going on for the season, any shirt connoisseur should consider checking them out. Just like the holiday season, the best parts of t-shirt graphics are the universals.

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Kari said...

Loved the thoughtful writeup on "What I Need."

You echoed my feelings on Christmas exactly.