Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tee-Cember: The Obligatory Purple Shirt

With sales sales sales at the big boys, we're happy to procure a piece today from a site we've yet to chat up, yet which has a couple sure-fire buys on our list someday down the line. Welcome Paper Root Clothing, which really came out of nowhere for us, despite having long heard the name around. Suddenly, they dropped their new line, and BAM, I suddenly want their tees. Good for them. Bad for my wallet.

I know I have a definite readership that lusts after all things purple, so in their interest, I bring you The Future Past. Don't worry, readership that lusts to know my favorite blanks, your time will come too. Ironically, one thing I love here is something that kills many designs for me... the definitive framework. I think it's the curvature at the top which makes the piece wearable and not boxy, as well as all that lovely blank canvas within. The blankness of the tee really makes it more powerful... the eclipse hovers ominously, and the diamonds shooting up through the sky not only feel important for their framing by the border of the graphic, but also are more alluring for their dashing up the blank canvas. The bottom is plenty nice, too (the Egyptian theme is always good for the intrigue factor), but the real money here is above the Sphynx's head, in the gorgeous minimalism of the vast sky. The site in general is worth your checking out, but certainly this tee is as good an introduction as any.

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Jestik said...

wow, lusty knowledge of favorite blanks?

sounds yummy.