Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tee-Cember: Salefight!

If we haven't seemed to have talked much about our old pals Shirtfight lately, it's because there hasn't been much to say. They're in a bit of a transition period, allegedly about to embark on monthly curated pieces instead of their former contest-based line, so in the interim, things have been pretty quiet. So quiet that it would be a shame to have their holiday sale fly under the radar.

The easy choice for the sale is Againstbound's A Glimpse of the End of Days, their final contest winner, and among their best tees. The artist's abstract and unique style makes his work not only some of the most original on the shirt circuit, but in some ways some of the most appealing as well... you're probably not going to get pure Againstbound style out of anyone but him. We see many of his motifs here... large geometric pieces, copious eyes and faces, chunky black graphics against plain white tees... but as with most of his work, it's still unique, and the frenetic motion and action going on makes the piece wonderful. I'm most drawn to the octopode top of this pyramid and the ouroboros backdrop, but the base area really takes the concept further... it's a bizarro take on America's Great Seal, the Eye of Providence becoming more like the eye of Cthulhu, and the pyramid below dismantling itself from the outside. It could easily be seen as symbolic for those reasons, and I always appreciate art when it can be examined deeper than superficially, but the style alone is enough for me. Seeing this as their last big contest winner makes me excited to see what will come in their future. For the present, though, it's on sale, along with the entire catalog, until December 15th, which should be time enough to get your copy for gifting. Or for wearing to your "Abstract Fashion For The Holidays" party.

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