Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tee-Cember: Signs of the Season

We here at SingulariTee would like to take a moment to discuss the fine fellows over at Made With Awesome, who are having a pretty significant sale until Friday night. We've brought them up before, because they're pretty excellent guys, but today, we'd like to feature a tee that is simply the embodiment of being made with awesome: Red Means Go. It's a collab between shop mastermind Evan Ferstenfeld (whose ideas and slogans have frequently printed at Threadless) and Wenceslao Almazan,whose illustration skills really give this piece a fun atmosphere... it's hard not to be charmed by his cartoonist chops. The chaos of signs is a wonderful riot of disorder, with a brilliant shock of red in the stop sign, the obvious focus, that makes the whole scene feel more colorful for it. Of course, the whole MWA compliment of tees, from graphics to slogans, is on sale, so feel free to browse... we think the little guys deserve it, because they're the ones that rely on the support the most, and a tee this charming deserves to be spread out to the four corners of the world as long as possible. Christmas is a time of giving as well as receiving... the more small press shops we have, giving as much diverse work as possible, the healthier art in and of itself is because of it.

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