Wednesday, March 4, 2009

$10 SerendipiTees at DBH

If you run a shirt blog, you probably need to love tee puns as much as you love tees themselves. Which is one of many reasons we were absolutely chuffed when Design By Humans rolled out their latest awesome promotion. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Serendipitee!

Of course, I'm a sucker for grab bags like this, but there are reasons you should be too. DBH is far from the true high end of internet tee retail, but a $10 shirt is still about 50-60% cheaper than they normally run. If there are many you're interested in, it's already likely paid for itself. These ain't just the dregs, either... while it's possible that you'll get something languishing in only a couple unsold sizes, and INFINITELY more likely you'll find yourself outfitted in designs printed on tee blanks other than their new "perfect" tees, DBH promises that every tee in print is up for grabs. I wouldn't get my hopes up for something very new, but the potential is there, so say they.

The reason this is way more worthwhile than some grab bags, though, is the sheer content you'll score. DBH has some of the boldest and most innovative shirts on the market. They use foils, embroideries, huge prints, specialty inks of all sorts, discharge prints... the fact is, you're probably going to get a tee that pushes the envelope for the price of a deal-a-day site. It's like getting a gourmet meal for the price of the Olive Garden... and while you might prefer simplicity, THIS is the sort of time to try something new. You could find that you actually love artistic threads or big prints. You might get a shirt that you'd have never wanted at $25, but swoon over for $10. And if you really, really hate it, there's always the amazing TeeTrade.

No clue how long this promo is gonna go on for... could be forever, could be 'til the weekend... so it's probably most prudent to snap some up ASAP. I wish you luck in finding something epically awesome. But with DBH's catalog, that shouldn't be too hard. And if you're still unconvinced, use code CRDJGN for 10% off any DBH purchase til March 17th... that includes your Serendipitees.

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