Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Weekend of Big Changes: Cameesa

As many of you know, we're continually excited about Cameesa, the crowdfunded shirt contest that lets you, the shirt fan, put your money where your mouth is and help your favorite shirts get printed. So it is with great excitement that we tell you that they have now cut the price dramatically... a support, formerly a $20 investment, is now $10 plus the cost of shipping. To celebrate, Cameesa is even offering free shipping on everything, from their already printed tees to new supports, until March 27th. If you've been cautious about dropping $20 on a shirt that may still take a long time to get in your hands, now is the time to get in on it. And "get in" it seems people are doing... in only a day since the change, almost every design has bounced up a couple supports they didn't have prior. Here at SingulariTee, the hope is that we can finally get our hands on the hip birds in Monsieur-Pimpant's "Coq Music" (see above), or that Againstbound's "Color Bleeding" will finally start attracting the interest it deserves, but we recommend you go check through the supportable designs and find a few you love. As always, you can still support unlimited designs on the same ten-spot (with the first to print being the one you'll get), but with the slashed support cost and the free-shipping week, you may just want to do as I've done, and create as many single-shirt supports as possible to lock in that price. We're sure you'll find something you desire.

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